CAMPFIRE Launches New Crowdfunding Support Program Regarding the Widespread of Covid-19

TOKYO, 29 February 2020 – CAMPFIRE, Inc. has launched a new crowdfunding support program given the widespread transmission of Covid-19. The program is aimed to support artists/event operators that have announced event cancellations and self-restraints, restaurants/accommodations experiencing a significant decrease in customers due to cancellations, as well as many other business owners who are having difficulties managing their businesses. Projects eligible for this program will only be charged for the 5% payment fee, and the 12% service fee will be free of charge. *Please note that there will be a review for applying the program.

We will continue to examine and implement appropriate support methods through crowdfunding for individuals and businesses in unstable environments due to the widespread transmission of Covid-19.


Details and requirements of the program

All-In and All-or-Nothing projects applied by 11:59:59 AM Tuesday, 31 March 2020, first draft submitted by 11:59:59 AM Friday, 24 April 2020, and launched by Tuesday, 30 June 2020 will only be charged 5% payment fee and the 12% service fee will be free of charge.


  • Artists/event operators that have announced event cancellations and self-restraints, restaurants/accommodations, and other business owners who have had their management and production severely hindered due to Covid-19.

*Third party projects are not eligible at this moment

  • Actual loss has occurred such as cancellation fee of the venue, or loss of profit is expected due to suspended business activities.

  • Able to submit information that can prove the above objectively (document or URL). For example, information that objectively indicates that the event has been canceled, proof that actual damage has occurred due to coronavirus, etc.

  • The project content does not violate public order and morality

Eligible services

CAMPFIRE, GoodMorning, 3rdTable, and CLOSS (FAAVO, BOOSTER, machi-ya, CAMPFIRE Furusato Donation, EXODUS, CAMPFIRE Community, polka, CAMPFIRE Creation, and some overseas projects are not applicable to this program.)

Application form